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Making mountains out of mole hills (in a good way)

I’ve heard this phrase thrown around a lot lately (well, really my whole life), and it seems like it’s always used within a negative context. And I get it – if you google the phrase, “mountains out of mole hill,” it usually describes a less-than-perfect circumstance that’s taken out of context and exaggerated.

But I love mountains; why wouldn’t I want to make them out of mole hills?

Instead of turning a crappy situation into a big, dramatic deal, why not take a less-than-perfect circumstance and make it something beautiful?

Here’s an example for you.

I’ve traveled and visited enough “mountain towns” to know that 99.9% of people hike/run/walk/adventure with their dogs on those beautiful trails that I wish I could call home.

See, I live in Nebraska where it’s flat, cold in the winter time (but not snowy enough to justify it), and almost always too windy for my taste. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’d rather live near a mountain. (Heck, I’d even accept a large hill.)

While some would consider this a bit of a mole hill, I make a beautiful, 14,000 ft. mountain out of it by trying to make it as awesome as possible for Zoey.

Long, flat walks to the coffee shop are some of her favorite Saturday mornings with Connor and I. Running around at a dog park that’s 30 minutes away is some of the best exercise she can get. I don’t even mind her wet-dog, muddy smell when she finally decides to come out of a lake because I know that she just had the time of her life (she’s a golden retriever; she LOVES water).

I sure don’t like to make negative things a bigger deal than they are, but I do love to make the little things the greatest things in the entire world.

So forget mole hills; I’ll continue making mountains out of them.

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