About me

I’m Morgan Ashley Smith, a content marketing strategist based in the great little city of Omaha, Nebraska. I care deeply about the power of language and using content to help businesses achieve their goals. This year, I’m on a quest to learn how best to teach the importance of company voice and how to train others in the basics of content marketing.

During the day, I’m the content lead for Flywheel where I get to oversee all content efforts, collaborate with coworkers from every department on voice and tone, and manage one of my all-time favorite blogs, Layout. (Yea, I know I’m biased about that, but I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 100 talented writers who’ve contributed stories. It’s truly been a highlight of my young career!)

Beyond work, I love starting the day with a light at-home yoga practice and walking my golden retriever, Zoey. I’m pretty terrible at cooking, but I like to try. (One day it’ll get better, right?!) And exploring new cities/mountains/breweries with my husband, Connor, is my favorite way to spend a vacation.

Here on my little piece of the web, I’m sharing some of my best advice for letting the stories in your head find their way to the screen. (Or notebook. Old school writing is cool, too!) You can probably expect a few posts around general communication, as well, as I explore the best ways to teach tone and increase organizational message consistency.

If you’re here looking for a potential collaborator on a project, don’t be a stranger! I’d love to learn how content fits into your organization’s goals. Or if you just feel like saying hello and grabbing a beer, I’m up for that, too. Just drop me a note here!