Welcome! Looks like you’ve stumbled onto a little piece of the internet owned by a 20-something professional/millenial/”adult.” Oh, you were expecting an authority on something? I know a thing or two about growing a blog, managing a team of writers, and building a bomb.com (don’t click that) content marketing strategy. That’s not really what this is all about though.

Everyone is an expert on something these days, and hey – I can be to when I crank my confidence meter up and “turn on.” I spend all day mapping out content, strategizing how to increase conversions, and just being incredibly intentional about content.

So, this is something different.

This is me, a daytime writer and editor, unedited.

It’s a shot at breaking out of the content calendar of my mind and just…exploring. Experimenting. Experiencing.

And whatever this becomes, I’m glad you’re along for the ride.